ClearVin FAQ

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ClearVin specializes in providing both commercial and public customers with vehicle history information by VIN number.

All ClearVin reports provide a complete overview of a vehicle’s past and current condition, including the following data:

  • Vehicle Specifications
  • Previous/Current State of Title & Title Registration dates
  • Title Brands History - Junk & Salvage
  • Insurance Total Loss
  • Lien & Impound Information
  • Average Miles Driven & Odometer Events
  • Auction Sales Information
  • Auction Photos and Prices
  • Stolen Summary
  • Safety Recalls

ClearVin is an authorized data provider of National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) that consolidates the vehicle records from U.S. state DMVs, insurance carriers, auto recyclers, junk and salvage yards. Additionally, ClearVin obtains information from salvage auctions, economic reports, government agencies, and other proprietary sources to provide comprehensive and accurate VIN check report.

We provide the most accurate vehicle information coming from trusted nationwide data sources backed with the best price on the market and custom solutions for business. Our NMVTIS title history is accompanied by auction photos, extended values overview, proprietary car rating and ownership history.

ClearVin Ownership History is an estimated number of owners generated based on the NMVTIS title records. ClearVin does not provide a vehicle owner’s personal information as it is protected under federal law. The Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) of 1994 is a United States federal statute governing the privacy of personal data gathered by state Departments of Motor Vehicles. The DPPA generally prohibits revealing personal information contained in a driver’s license, motor vehicle registration, and other departmental records.

A Monroney Sticker is a reproduction of the original automobile window sticker that contains information about vehicle specifications, fuel economy ratings, factory recalls, standard equipment and warranties, and optional equipment and corresponding pricing.

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