Vehicle History API & Automotive Database

Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, our Vehicle History API can scale with your business needs. Unlock new opportunities for your business with ClearVin!

Why partner with ClearVin?

ClearVin provides access to extensive data coverage to those looking to enhance their products and services. We have aggregated hundreds of millions of data points from industry-leading organizations and government agencies to provide an unmatched exclusive data feed. Our API has quick response times, ensuring a seamless user experience and efficient integration into your applications. On top of that, we offer data from multiple automotive APIs that you’re free to combine depending on your business needs to pay only for the data you need.

Vehicle Valuation API

Market Valuation API combines historical and real-time vehicle valuation data

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VIN Decoder API

ClearVin VIN decoder breaks out the VIN number into detailed specification report

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Auction History API

Historical auction listings, listing information data and image data

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Current and historical title information, insurance claims, and junk/salvage/total data

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