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Wonder how to check mileage on car? ClearVin free VIN mileage check provides vehicle mileage & odometer rollback events. Check car mileage by VIN with ClearVin!

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What Is a Car Odometer Reading?

If you want to get a quick but simple understanding of whether a used car is in good technical condition, a mileage check is key. This parameter refers to the distance the vehicle has traveled since it was rolled out of the manufacturing line or since the last time the odometer was reset. The reading is always displayed in miles or kilometers, depending on the country or region.
An odometer reading is especially important to know when buying a used vehicle. During the ownership transition, the seller should provide the odometer reading disclosure. Some notations, like "Actual," "Not Actual," "Exceeds Mechanical Limits," and "Exempt," reveal the odometer's legal status. However, you can reveal more details with a ClearVin car mileage check!

How to Check Car Mileage by VIN?

There are a lot of VIN data providers, like ClearVin, that allow you to check the mileage by VIN with just a few clicks or smartphone taps. To begin, locate the VIN, a distinct 17-digit code unique to each vehicle. You can find the VIN on the dashboard, inside the driver's side door jamb, or in the vehicle's registration and insurance documents. Once you've located the VIN, enter it on the VIN data provider’s website to check the mileage.
In the ClearVin vehicle history report, you’ll find information about the date, mileage, and data source when it comes to our free odometer check. Remember to use only dependable data sources like ClearVin.

Where Does Clearvin Take Mileage Data?

ClearVin, a trustworthy VIN data provider, sources mileage data from multiple channels, including the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), State DMVs, sales history, and others.
By combining information from these vehicle information channels, we provide car enthusiasts with a comprehensive and accurate overview of a vehicle's mileage history, offering a free odometer check. This, along with the odometer disclosure statement, helps users make well-informed decisions when assessing a vehicle's background.

What is odometer tampering and odometer rollback check?

When used car sellers want to increase the vehicle cost and hide technical issues, they may use odometer tampering to reduce the mileage number. To prevent fraud, you can perform an odometer rollback check. This process includes examining the vehicle's history and mileage by reviewing service records, conducting vehicle inspections, and running a VIN odometer check. There is also digital odometer rollback, which often involves tampering with the car's electronic system to display a lower mileage.
That is where a free mileage check by VIN comes into play. By comparing the recorded mileage with the vehicle's history, any inconsistencies or potential odometer tampering can be easily identified.

What Does the “Exempt” Mileage Title Mean?

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or another relevant institution grants an "exempt" mileage title when a vehicle's odometer has exceeded its mechanical limits or has been tampered with. This makes it impossible to accurately determine the true mileage, and a VIN odometer check can be irrelevant in such situations. This exemption protects buyers from paying based on misleading mileage readings.
It's important to note that the criteria for issuing exempt titles vary among states, including factors like vehicle age or non-operational storage. Some states may require additional documentation or inspections before granting an exempt title.

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