Role of Accurate Vehicle Data in Auto Insurance Claims

In recent years, the process of handling auto insurance claims has seen a significant improvement. Consumers can now complete the claim process online by following a few simple steps and also get access to detailed vehicle information through trusted platforms such as Many insurance providers in the U.S. are realizing the need to further streamline their internal claims processes to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. Continuing on the subject, in this post, we take a look at some of the ways a vehicle data provider can help improve an internal auto insurance claims process. Read on.

Proper Assessment of Damaged Vehicles

When a claimant submits a claim about one of the insured vehicles, auto insurance companies need to have all the necessary information handy for proper claim processing and compensation. In the initial stages of every auto insurance claim process, insurance companies need to accurately assess the damaged vehicle. In such cases, they can leverage the services of an online vehicle information provider such as to get complete and accurate vehicle information.

Accuracy in Damage Estimates

Referencing pricing data related to vehicle parts via vehicle identification number (VIN) is an easy way to expedite the claim reviewing process, and achieve greater accuracy. This remains true whether a vehicle insurer uses internal claims adjusters to investigate the extent of vehicle damage, or allows the vehicle owner to obtain a quote from a repair shop of their choice. Insurance companies can minimize the amount of money lost from accidents where their insured drivers are at fault by identifying inflated repair quotes.

Setting Thresholds for Determining Total Loss

With advancements in automobile technology, the criteria for determining a write-off on a damaged vehicle has become more complicated. Some vehicle components such as bumper that was once inexpensive to fix are now among the costliest auto repairs. Precise identification of vehicles, in-depth understanding of their standard features, and knowledge of variances on the optional equipment, therefore, are essential to develop acceptable ratings and make fair decisions on total loss.

Vehicle Valuation by VIN

At the time of vehicle valuation, insurance companies often rely on vehicle data providers to determine the worth of vehicles for a cash settlement. Linking the vehicle information provided by the vehicle owner with the vehicle valuation information, however, can be time-consuming and also has room for errors. Vehicle data and VIN decoding service providers address these concerns. By obtaining vehicle information from trusted sources, VIN decoding websites eliminate any chances of discrepancy in the value of a totaled vehicle, and help ensure the insurance company doesn’t underpay or overpay the claimant.

Wrap Up

When an auto insurance company utilizes a detailed vehicle data and history solution, they are using the proper channel to identify the vehicles claimed as accurately as possible. This reflects on the nature of damage estimates or valuations done on such vehicles. The right data won’t just improve a claims process but refine the quote and underwriting processes as well. Streamline your day-to-day operations by identifying vehicle specifications with the help of a VIN check. All you need to do is obtain a VIN history report from a reliable vehicle history provider such as We help take the mystery out of a vehicle’s condition by providing detailed information about its past through its VIN history report. If you have any questions, simply call +1-844-268-5991, or send a message and we’ll take it from there.

4 Popular Brands to Consider If You Want to Buy a Used Dirt Bike

Racing dirt bikes is the craze of the new millennium. Many bike enthusiasts and adventure sports lovers, around the globe, are buying dirt bikes to be a part of this craze and experience the adrenaline rush that this sport has to offer. If you too are thinking of buying your first dirt bike ever, then a good option would be to buy a used dirt bike as it would not only be light on your pocket, but it will also be a great way to understand what are the essentials your dirt bike should have, before you invest in a new dirt bike.

1. Honda

A truly diversified manufacturing company in all sense, Honda manufactures almost everything ranging from cars and motorcycles to construction industry’s heavy equipment. The company has a reputation of manufacturing one of the best dirt bikes. Some of the popular Honda dirt bikes are – CRF-450R for the experienced riders, and the CRF-50F for the beginner motorcyclists. If you want to buy a used Honda dirt bike, you can buy it from an online motorcycle auction site. To make sure you are buying a good condition bike from a genuine seller, run a Honda motorcycle VIN check from any online Honda bike VIN lookup site.

2. KTM

The Austrian automaker KTM is one of the leading dirt bike manufacturers in the world. The company started its journey as an off-road motorcycles manufacturer and later expanded into developing sports cars and producing street motorcycles. Some of the more popular KTM dirt bikes include the 2015 KTM 1190 Adventure and 2017 KTM 350. KTM’s strong, powerful and durable engine is what sets it apart from its competitors. Ask a KTM owner and they will tell you that the bike is not only powerful and has a great pickup, but has stability and is smooth to ride, too.

3. Yamaha

Yamaha, the Japanese manufacturing giant manufactures bikes, marine and other motorized products such as scooters, boats, car engines, water pumps and more. Over the decades, the Japanese automobile manufacturing giant has earned the reputation of being a leader and innovator when it comes to making dirt bikes, and each time the company launches a new dirt bike, dirt bike enthusiasts from around the world, eagerly wait to get their hands on this new ride. Some of the legendary dirt bike models that the company has produced include 2012 YAMAHA WR450F, 2013 YAMAHA YZ250F, 2017 YAMAHA YZ250. If you are planning to buy a used dirt bike, you can never go wrong with a Yamaha dirt bike, as its exceptional handling and suspensions put it in a league of its own.

4. Kawasaki

The legendary motorcycle manufacturer has some of the most popular bikes to its credit. Some of them being 500SS Mach III, Ninja, and KZ 900. The company however, is not just limited to manufacturing street bikes and racing motorcycles, it manufactures some of the best dirt bikes, too. The Kawasaki dirt bikes are popular for their superior handling, suspension and torque. Some of the most popular Kawasaki dirt bike models are 2005 KAWASAKI KX250, 2013 KAWASAKI KX250, 2017 KAWASAKI BR125. If you are new to off roading and want to purchase a used dirt bike, then you can buy one from a used motorcycle auction site.

Last Few Words

Whether you are planning to buy a used Kawasaki, or a used Honda dirt bike, do run a VIN check to find out about the bike’s history. The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) will help you find out important information about a vehicle such as its make and model, past ownership, year of manufacturing, service track record, and more. At ClearVIN, we can help you get access to 100 percent accurate information as we retrieve information from multiple sources, including National Traffic Safety Administration, National Automobile Dealers Association, and National Vehicle Service to help you get unbiased, comprehensive, and accurate information to help you make your buying decision.

Answering 5 FAQs About VIN History Reports

If you’re working on a tight budget or don’t want to invest a sizeable amount of money on a new ride, buying a pre-owned car can be a prudent decision. Pre-owned vehicles have a past, which shoppers need to know to assess available deals and determine whether a car is worth buying. To help buyers get access to accurate vehicle history, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began providing 17-character VIN for all vehicles starting from 1954. VIN provides a wealth of info about a vehicle, including model, and manufacturer. At ClearVin, we provide detailed VIN history reports that feature data derived from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. To help you understand the importance of getting an accurate VIN history report, the post answers some FAQs. Take a look.

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