Top 3 used car auction websites


Are you interested in buying a salvage vehicle from the U.S.? Or are looking for any missing parts for your car? Here are the top 3 most reliable used car auction websites to visit to pick up a first-rate used car. We can help you get the best deal ever!


Founded in 1982 with a single salvage yard in California, Copart has grown into a global leader and the premier source for online vehicle auctions. Copart provides a range of services to buy vehicles over the internet offering a great variety of vehicles including classic and exotic cars, SUVs, motorcycles, commercial trucks, powersports, boats, RVs, and much more. As you may have guessed, the vast majority of the cars sold through Copart are salvage-titled, repossessed, rebuilt, or have some history of damage. Though, sometimes you may run into a clean title or donated vehicle. Facilitate your purchases with Autobidmaster, a premier Copart broker.

     Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc

IAAI is a unique multichannel platform that processes more than 2.5 million vehicles annually. IAAI continuously improves its technology and service, increasing its user base worldwide. There you may find clean-title, lightly damaged, donation vehicles and salvage, impound, theft recovered cars. Vehicle parts are available at the auction as well. If you are planning to buy a salvage car from IAAI, the search ends at Salvagebid. Through the Salvagebid website, the general public can take advantage of insurance auto auctions that used to be limited to those with a dealer or recycler license only.


Manheim is an auction for new or used cars as well as other types of equipment with minor damage. As opposed to the auctions listed above, all vehicles at Manheim are already repaired and have gone through all the required inspections. Besides, sellers must provide a full report of repair records and certificates allowing safe operation for use on the roads or highways. Thus, these vehicles do not require any additional repair and are ready to go but are often significantly more expensive. So, note that if you’re looking for a car from abroad, it may not worth its money.

No matter where you go

It’s worth mentioning that buying a used car through the web may be pretty risky, especially if you haven’t seen the vehicle in person. To protect yourself from scammers or tricky dealers, always check your vehicle’s history prior to making a purchase.

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