The hazardous substance inside a salvage car


It’s pretty common to run into a note about biohazard or chemical damage when browsing through salvage vehicles. This type of damage indicates a hazardous substance inside the car. Typically, a ‘hazardous substance’ is anything that could impact the safety of a vehicle or cause injury to its occupants. Let’s review what biohazard/chemical damage can usually mean.


Flooded vehicles have a bad reputation and for a good reason. The thing is that even if water hasn’t reached visible parts of a car, over time mold develops inside the cabin because of moisture. Mold and its toxic smells can be very dangerous and cause a bunch of health issues. They may trigger different allergic reactions or cause long term respiratory issues. It’s likely that you will have to hire professional service to get rid of it because it’s a very tough process. 

Biological remains

Biological remains is a very broad notion. As a general rule, these vehicles were involved in some accident. Thus, someone was injured and there may be blood inside the car. But sometimes, even one drop of blood or a napkin with a strange stain may leave a vehicle marked with a biohazard status. 


While we’re used to imagining that a biohazard vehicle is full of explosive, flammable stuff or blood, they can be full of garbage. Some disgusting stains and piles of trash that auction workers prefer not to deal with can leave a vehicle marked as a biohazard.

Typically, cars like that look pretty normal at first glance and do not require major repair. It’s a gold mile for car dealers. They buy them on the cheap and resell at twice the price. To negotiate well and get a good car, we recommend checking a vehicle’s history with ClearVin. While most of the VIN check platforms provide only title brand history and are able to show whether a vehicle has Salvage or Flood Title, our report contains detailed auctions sales history including a full description of vehicle specifications and its condition when it was placed at auction, pictures, sale dates, and even prices. You will never be tricked with ClearVin.

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