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Nowadays, it’s more common than ever before to buy pre-owned cars from salvage auctions or various dealerships. A consistently growing number of customers testifies to the fact that there are plenty of benefits. Moreover, in recent years, the overwhelming majority of auction car buyers are international. The point is clear: automobile and motorcycle prices in the USA are much more affordable compared to other countries in Europe or Asia, especially those found at auction.

In this way, American salvage auctions have become a foundation for developing different business directions. The low prices and developed logistic systems attract business organizations from all around the globe. Agencies and dealerships are popping up all over. Monthly, hundreds of salvage cars are transported across the ocean for personal use or a subsequent sale. Lithuania, Germany, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland aren’t the only countries where you can run into a vehicle from the U.S., but for now, these countries are the most popular salvage vehicle export destinations.

While the variety of vehicles and pricing are really impressive, a chance to buy a good car comes with the risk of being scammed. Nobody wants to be a victim of fraud and tampering. Especially when, in addition to the vehicle’s cost and repair, you need to pay for shipping and customs fees. Both for foreign ordinary buyers and dealerships, the question is the same: how to get a clear picture of the vehicle remotely? ClearVin vehicle history reports are one of the most useful tools to be protected against different types of fraud.

Our company has several options available to meet the automotive data needs of the business. Besides, we have a personal approach to each of our customers and partners. The most accurate information helps our customers make the most informed buying decisions they can. A vehicle history report is aimed to tell you everything that was hidden from your sight. Visit ClearVin to take advantage of our services today!

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