Why You Should Run a VIN Check


There are millions of vehicles sold on salvage auto auctions. Each of them has a history that’s worth looking into to make sure you know exactly what you’re buying.

Good news: ClearVin can help you reveal the history of a car and avoid scams before making a purchase. A simple VIN check will help you find out all the major events that happened to a specific vehicle, as well as any associated details.

If you want to know what benefits you can get from running a VIN check with ClearVin, keep reading.

Detailed vehicle specs

Running a VIN check is the most reliable way to see all the features of a car. Sometimes a seller doesn’t list all the vehicle’s specifications. A VIN report will show you facts like the production year, engine power, fuel and transmission type, and more.

The actual mileage

Odometer fraud is a pretty wide-spread problem when it comes to buying a salvage vehicle. Some sellers may roll back the odometer to hide the car’s actual mileage. 

Usually, if a vehicle is five years old, it should indicate at least 60,000 miles. If you see a lower number, it’s a good idea to run a VIN check. You can avoid scams by comparing the odometer results from the report to the information from the seller. 

Real loss type and damage

Salvage cars often get their damage from a collision, fire, hail, or a flood, and their loss types indicate that damage. But you can never be sure as to what the vehicle has been through until you run a history check.    

Also, many vehicles are listed under Rebuilt title. That means they were restored and repaired prior to being listed at auction. If you see “Rebuilt” in a description of a car, you can find out what type of salvage title it had before repair, with the help of a VIN report.

Check with ClearVIN

The only way to protect yourself from purchasing a wrecked vehicle is by running a VIN report from ClearVin. We collect information about salvage vehicles from reliable sources like the National Vehicle Service, the NMVTIS, and other organizations, and use various databases to compose a detailed check report for you. 

If you’re worried about a vehicle’s history, head over to ClearVin and relieve the suspense.

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