What Country Code Is Hidden in Your Car’s VIN?


In one of our previous articles, we decoded a vehicle’s VIN, so you already know that the first 3 digits compose the World Manufacturer Identifier. In the US, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) assigns the WMI to countries and manufacturers. 

Country or Region codes

Usually, the first letter is the country of manufacture, the second one is the manufacturer, and the third one is the vehicle type or manufacturing division. 

The tables below show what country and region codes are hidden in your vehicle’s VIN. 

Africa codes

AA-AHSouth AfricaCA-CEBeninDL-DR Zambia
AJ-AN Cote d’IvoireCF-CK MadagascarEA-EEEthiopia

As you can see from the table above, AA-AH is a code that stands for South Africa. It covers the range AA, AB, AC, AD, AE, AF, AG, and AH, meaning all vehicles with those codes were manufactured in South Africa. 

Asia codes

KA-KESri LankaML-MRThailandPL-PRMalaysia
KF-KKIsraelMS-M0MyanmarRA-REUnited Arab Emirates
KL-KRKorea (South)NA-NEIranRF-RKTaiwan
KS-K0 KazakhstanNF-NKPakistanRL-RR Vietnam
LChina (Mainland)NL-NR TurkeyRS-R0Saudi Arabia
MA-MEIndiaPA-PE Philippines

Europe codes

SA-SMUnited KingdomVA-VEAustriaX3-X0Russia
SN-STGermany (formerly East Germany)VF-VRFranceYA-YEBelgium
TA-TH SwitzerlandV3-V5CroatiaYS-YW Sweden
TJ-TPCzech RepublicV6-V0 EstoniaYX-Y2Norway
TR-TVHungaryGermany (formerly West Germany)Y3-Y5Belarus
UN-UT IrelandXL-XRNetherlandsZX-Z2Slovenia
UU-UZRomaniaXS-XW Russia (formerly USSR)Z3-Z5 Lithuania

North America, South America, and Oceania codes

South America

North America
8A-8EArgentina9F-9K Colombia1, 4, or 5United States
8F-8KChile9L-9R Paraguay2Canada
8L-8REcuador9S-9WUruguay3A-3W Mexico
8S-8WPeru9X-92Trinidad & Tobago3X-37Costa Rica
8X-82Venezuela93–99Brazil38-39Cayman Islands

Oceania6Australia7New Zealand

Unassigned codes

Some codes remain unassigned at the moment and can be claimed by new vehicle manufacturers. They are as follows:

Africa – FL-F0, GA-G0, HA-H0

Asia – NS-N0, PS-P0

Europe – S5-S0, T2-T0, UA-UG, U1-U4, U8-U0, ZS-ZW, Z6-Z0

North America – 30

South America – 90 

Decode your vehicle’s VIN

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