Importance of Motorcycle VIN Decoding to Insurance Companies

Motorcycles symbolize freedom and joy for riders, but just like any other vehicle, riding a motorcycle entails certain risks that necessitate adequate insurance coverage. Most motorcyclists these days go online for the best quotes on motorcycle insurance, and as a result, the competition among insurance companies has gotten fiercer than ever. To stay on top of the situation, insurance companies use motorcycle VIN decoding to provide quotes and expedite the process of underwriting, which in turn gives then an edge over others. Continue reading to find out how decoding motorcycle VINs or obtaining motorcycle history by VIN is inseparable from the insurance industry.

The Mechanism of a Motorcycle VIN Decoder

When someone visits an insurance company’s website looking for a quote, they are usually asked to share the VIN of their motorcycle. Once they obtain the VIN, they use a VIN decoding platform such as The VIN decoder provides the year, make, model, and trim of the vehicle. The insurance company may share the decoded VIN information with the customer for verification along with any questions the company may have to complete the quote. Following that, the insurance firm will provide an insurance quote that is tied directly to the motorcycle’s VIN.

Importance of Accuracy in Quotes

Every established insurance company in the U.S. knows that there are always some risks with any insurance quotes, including those for motorcycles. Attaining accuracy in quotes can be difficult at times since there are many factors involved. For instance, if a insurer is quoting a 2012 Harley Davidson based on whatever details the website visitor provides, and not with the help of a VIN decoder, there are risks. On the other hand, a VIN decoder reduces the risk of inaccuracy in valuation. This is because the data one obtains, for example, from a Yamaha or Kawasaki motorcycle VIN check is not subjective.

Looking for an Online VIN Decoder?

Every insurance company should integrate a VIN decoding service into their insurance quoting processes. Such a vehicle database is designed to meet the business needs of almost all insurance companies. For years, has been providing accurate vehicle history reports to different customers, including insurance companies looking to save time and money. If you have any question about VIN decoding, or want to know more, simply call +1 (844) 268 5991. Or send an email at

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