Top 5 Affordable Trucks to Consider Buying Used

When looking to buy an affordable used truck, you need to consider a number of factors, such as damage type, estimated value, and cost of repairs, also check the VIN history of the options you shortlist. Running a truck VIN check provides a detailed history of a vehicle and helps you make an informed decision. If you have been unable to make up your mind regarding the model you should go for, you have come to the right place. To help, this blog brings to you a list of top five affordable options to consider when searching for a used truck. Let’s take a look.

Ford F-150

Equipped with a 3.5 liter 282hp V6 engine, the Ford F-150 is a recommendable option for your shortlist, when looking for affordable and fuel efficient used trucks. Loaded with advanced safety features and automatic transmission, the Ford F-150 is a great choice if you are searching for a wallet-friendly, all-in-one package.

Nissan Frontier

A top choice when it comes to affordability, the Nissan Frontier is equipped with a 2.5 liter 152 hp I4 engine. It comes with all standard safety features and driveline traction control. The truck is known for exceptional performance and reliability, which make it another great choice to have in your shortlist when when looking to buy a used truck.

Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet, a brand known to offer reliable and reasonably priced vehicles, is another name to consider when looking to buy a truck. The Chevrolet Silverado includes an impressive 4.3 liter 285hp EcoTec3 V6 engine, complemented by majestic exteriors, making it a must-have on your used truck bidding list.

2017 Toyota Tundra

The 2017 Toyota Tundra is another exceptional vehicle to have on your list of considerations. The engine specifications on this mammoth include a iForce 4.6 liter V8 with 310 hp. The truck has 18” steel wheels, that are an inch larger than the rest of the used trucks we have mentioned in this blog.

Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline is propelled by an impressive 3.5 liter V6 engine pumping out 280 hp. This model also comes with 18” wheels, but unlike the Tundra – that has steel wheels – the wheels on the Ridgeline are made of aluminium. If you’re looking for a used truck that offers a great ride quality, the Ridgeline can be an ideal option.

Wrap Up

When choosing to buy a used truck, it is important to run a VIN check to gain access to and analyze a detailed history of the vehicle you plan to buy. offers you an easy way to check a truck’s VIN history and brings you a step closer to finalizing a deal on a used truck aligned with your prerequisites. If you have any questions, call +1 (844) 268 5991 or write to us at

11 Things You Can Know Through a VIN Check

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) check is indispensable when buying a used car. VIN is a unique, 17-character, alphanumeric code in vehicles. It’s just like the DNA in human beings. Discerning used cars buyers check VIN in order to find out the history of the vehicles they consider buying, and determine whether they are investing in a worthwhile option. Continuing on the subject, we give you a list of nearly a dozen things you can find out through a VIN check.

  1.  A VIN check tells you the year the car was purchased, and whether it was used for personal or business purposes.

  2. You come to know through VIN record whether the car has been involved in a collision recently or in the distant past. Sometimes the damage is not evident on a visual inspection of the vehicle. In such cases, VIN check is the only definitive way to know it.

  3. Closely related to the first point, a VIN check reveals the exact nature and extent of accident damage that the vehicle may have sustained.

  4. It also denotes on a VIN check whether the car has been a victim of natural calamities such as hurricane, which can cause extensive damage at times.

  5. Used car buyers can ascertain the last reported mileage with a quick VIN lookup. They can also determine whether there has been any tampering with the odometer.

  6. A vehicle’s VIN also tells whether the automaker has ever recalled it in the past and if yes, what was the type of recall.

  7. The number of owners the vehicle has changed hands over the years is also clear from VIN. This is important as you wouldn’t want to buy a 2012 car that has been driven by 10 people.

  8. The VIN tells what title the car had, whether it was a clean title, salvage, or rebuilt.

  9. If the vehicle in question has had any history of being stolen and exported, the VIN report will reflect that. This will save buyers from buying an illegal car.

  10. It provides information on the geographical location the vehicle was used in, e.g., state, province, USA, Europe, or Canada.

  11. Service history of the vehicle such as oil change, brake check, and tyre replacement is another vital piece of information that used car buyers can extract from VIN.

    Wrap Up

    VIN check is too important to be sidelined at the time of buying a used car. Make sure you look up the VIN of the car you are planning to buy, and obtain a VIN report before closing the deal. helps you make an informed decision by providing accurate vehicle specifications and history, which has made us one of the most trusted sources for vehicle information. Look up VIN with us and do a Chevrolet or Ford VIN check any time. If you have any questions, simply call +1-844-268-5991 or write to us at

Used Cars at Auctions: 2 of the Best Times to Go Bidding

It is common knowledge that there’s time for everything in life. No matter how well-intentioned you’re, if the timing is not right, plans can go kaput. Likewise, there are seasons that present unique advantages when buying used cars at auctions. Getting your timing right is paramount, just like inspecting the car and running a VIN check, if you wish to enhance your chances of getting the right car at the best price. Continuing the discussion, we present two of the most propitious times of the year you consider buying a used car on auction. Find out.

1. Tax Refund Season

Most people in the U.S. receive their federal tax refunds during the tax refund season i.e. between February and July. Hence, there’s an abundance of disposable cash. As a result, they are more likely to spend their money on buying used cars at auctions and things like that. However, prices of the used vehicles also tend to see a steep rise during the tax refund season. This is simply because when people have more liquid asset such as money, they’re more than likely to go for higher bids. Make sure you take that into consideration if you’re also looking for a used car at auctions at this time. Don’t make the mistake of drowning in bidding hysteria, and ending up bidding more than you intended to. Bid solely based on what you think the worth of the car is.

2. Pre-Holiday Season

After tax season comes to a close, the next opportune time to buy used cars at auctions is the period preceding Christmas and New Year. As is the custom everywhere, people indulge in holiday shopping during this time of the year. So, it is only natural for them to want to unload any unwanted vehicle they might have in order to rake in some extra cash for their shopping. So, obviously, you’ll find a larger and more extensive inventory of used cars in online auction sites during this time. This gives savvy buyers more choices of cars to choose from.

Closing Remarks

If you’re buying a used car online, don’t forget to do a VIN check. Whether it is a Chevrolet or an Audi VIN check, VIN check always matters. It is how buyers ascertain that they’re buying the right vehicle from the right seller. Online vehicle inspection service in Portland, Oregon, ClearVin is dedicated to furnishing authentic and reliable data on used vehicles. It is in partnership with NMVTIS and provides detailed vehicle history reports that one can bank on. If you got any question, feel free to contact us. Call +1 (844) 268 – 5991 or drop a mail @ Just let us know how we can help you, and we’ll take it from there.

Tire Inspection Checklist when Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car has its fair share of advantages, the trade off is comparison-shopping can be a chore. There are many factors that come to bear when shopping for a used car, such as the cost, repair estimates, condition, history, aesthetics, and mileage. When it comes to buying a used car, there are lots of mistakes that buyers can avoid by conducting a physical inspection and running a vehicle VIN check. One of them is failure to inspect the tires, as they are a gateway to a lot of information about the car. Tires affect a car’s comfort, handling, braking and fuel economy. It is, therefore, important to inspect the tires when buying a used car.

1. Mismatched Tires

The first sign of trouble with tires is mismatching. Thoroughly inspect all tires to ensure safe handling, optimum control, and stability of the car. Check whether all the tires have the same thread pattern, if they are from a different manufacturer, and check characteristics such as size of the tires. Also, check the tire information placard on the driver’s door side to confirm the size of the tires.

2. Flat Repairs

If you’re buying a used vehicle, make sure to check its tire pressure before purchasing. Underinflated or worn tires are a major cause of car accidents. Look at the flat repairs, such as tire sidewall scuffing, cuts, cracking and bulges. Also establish whether or not you are getting a spare tire, toolkit and jack, and assess the condition as well.

3. Uneven Wear

Uneven wear can be determined by examining the width of a tire. This helps you ascertain how aggressively a car was driven and whether or not the maintenance schedule has been followed in the past. The major cause of uneven wear is a defective and misaligned suspension that can cause an eventual blowout and possibly, an accident. Differences in wear patterns between the rear and front tires can indicate that tires were not rotated routinely. Apart from running a vehicle VIN check, there is a wealth of information that you can learn by physically inspecting the vehicle.

4. Rubber Hardness

The hardness of a tire’s rubber depends on its age and usage. Look on the sidewall for a code starting with “DOT”. The last four-digits of the code represent the week and year of manufacture. For instance, “0817” would mean the eighth week of 2017. Tire manufacturers prior to 2000 used a three digit code signifying the year of manufacture.

Final Words

When to buy a used car, inspecting the condition of all tires is a significant part of assessing the condition of the car and ascertaining a fair price. Regular engine, brake and transmission maintenance are other key components to consider to grab the best deal. In addition to conducting a physical inspection, you can also run a vehicle VIN check to know more about a car’s history Get a detailed vehicle VIN history from to buy a used car that represents value for your money and meets your needs. If you have any questions, call us +1 (844) 268 5991 or write to

An Insight into BMW X1 2017: How Good is it on the Road?

Subcompact or “mini” SUVs have consistently strengthened their position in the American auto industry since their introduction. Being designed as sports utility vehicles, they offer a great driving experience on all types of terrain. If you are planning to buy a mini SUV, the BMW X1 should be one of the top contenders. If budget is a constraint, you can go for a pre-owned or salvage model. While at it, be sure to perform a VIN check on, to find out all you need need to know to make an informed decision. Read on to get more information about the performance and safety of the BMW X1, which make it worthy of your love. Take a look.

Trim Levels

The BMW X1 is available in two trims – The X1 sDrive28i and the X1 xDrive28i, both powered by a 2.0-Liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that produces 228 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. The engine is paired to an 8-speed automatic transmission, sending power to the front wheels in the X1 sDrive28i and to all four wheels in the X1 xDrive28i. Both the trim levels can go from 0-60 mph within six seconds. The sDrive28i has an EPA estimated combined fuel economy of 26 mpg, and the xDrive28i is good for 25 mpg.


Though the BMW X1 comes with only one powertrain option, the turbocharged four-cylinders compensate enough to provide a quick acceleration and smooth drive. The car offers responsive steering, powerful brakes, and predictable body movements. You can update the performance with available upgrades such as an M Sport suspension system and performance run-flat tires.


The BMW X1 can comfortably seat five people, thanks to the ample leg room, and optional reclining and sliding rear seats, offering a relaxing time to the passengers. The interiors offer a class-apart craftsmanship with premium trimmings such as brushed aluminum, and synthetic leather seat upholstery. Standard infotainment features include a 6.5-inch display screen you can operate using a nob between the seats, a 12-speaker Harman Kardon surround-sound system, and Apple CarPlay.


Safety features on the BMW X1 include a standard rearview camera and rain-sensing windshield wipers. You can also opt for available safety upgrades including parking sensors, adaptive cruise control with stop and go functionality, collision mitigation braking, forward collision warning with pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, a head-up display, traffic sign information, and automatic high beams.

All Set to Buy a Pre-owned Car?

If you have decided on a pre-owned car of your choice, whether it’s a BMW X1 or any other model, the first thing you need to do is check its VIN. You can find the VIN either on the driver’s side door jam, or under the windshield on the driver’s side. Once you find the VIN, enter it here and get a VIN check. is your trusted partner in providing accurate vehicle history reports through detailed VIN checks. Learn more about how VIN check works here. If you wish to talk to one of our representatives, fill out a contact form or call +1 (844) 268 – 5991.